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All parents are worthy of having a legally protected connection with their children. Amidst your grief and frustration following a failed relationship or marriage, your primary concern is still the well-being of your children. Davis and Associates is a brilliant option for you if you need a compassionate and professional Hitchcock child custody attorney.

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We will ensure that your relationship with your children is protected by the law. If you need legal assistance in circumstances where there is an unwilling parent or a revision of your custody order is required, we can offer all of the legal services for child custody enforcement. Even if you’re going through a contentious divorce, we can expertly help you gain a favorable custody order.

Our Hitchcock child custody lawyers are ready to give you a better grasp of your legal situation and present you with all the finest options for you and your children. We strive to execute all efficient legal procedures, document supervision, and essential court arguments.

Each child custody case is unique. Whatever your demands are, either you desire sole custody or joint conservatorship with the other parent, we are here to use all of our resources to make sure you achieve the best possible outcome for yourself and, especially, your child.

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Hitchcock Child Custody

Child custody in Hitchcock is referred to as “conservatorship.” It is the legal right to decide for a child, such as where they will reside and other health, education, and parenting issues. Conservatorship isn’t typically about how much time one individual spends with a child but rather focuses on child-related rights, powers, and responsibilities.

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Generally, child custody can end up in either of the two types of custody in Texas. First is when the court can appoint both parents to have some degree of access to the child (joint managing conservatorship), or only one person may be granted exclusive custody (sole managing conservatorship). Even in circumstances where two persons are jointly managing conservatorship, the rights of the two people may not be shared equally.

In Texas, visitation, also known as “access and possession,” is routinely provided to a person (“possessory conservator”) who has joint managing conservatorship but does not live with the kid. If visitation rights are requested, they must give appropriate care, and the judge will set up a visitation plan, commonly known as a standard possession order. Davis and Associates is here to assist you if you need to fight for sole custody or simply want a seamless procedure of your Hitchcock child custody case.

Determining Child Custody

The child’s best interests are the most crucial consideration for a judge. According to Texas law, a kid has the right to contact both parents regularly. Typically, this implies that a judge will grant joint managing conservatorship to both parents unless the judge deliberates that doing so will jeopardize the child’s physical and emotional development.

Hitchcock Child Custody Attorney fathers rights attorney 1The health of each parent in all areas, the parents’ previous behavior around the child, the stability of each parent’s household, the parents’ conduct throughout the custody fight, and the child’s choice (if they’re old enough to have an opinion on the matter) are frequently measured.

In court, no attorney can anticipate a precise outcome. However, at Davis and Associates, we devote our experience and capabilities to ensuring that your child has the greatest possible custodial arrangement for optimal development and upbringing.

We are a family law firm with vast experience in Hitchcock, TX child custody issues. We’ll guarantee you receive the best deal possible by making persuasive legal arguments and presenting your case in the best probable position in court.

Custody Modification & Enforcement

You must file an appeal to change conservatorship or possession and access with the court if you wish to change an existing custody arrangement. To secure a modification, you have to show that the new order is in the child’s best interests and that circumstances have changed considerably since the previous order was granted.

child traveling aloneThe child custody law attorneys at Davis and Associates are available to assist you with all of the legal procedures regarding requests and the establishment of child custody modification.

We primarily aim to warrant that you are not troubled in any way during the child custody modification process, which could negatively impact your child’s quality of life. We’ll meticulously assess your position, devise the optimal child custody plan for your new lifestyle, and present the strongest case possible in court to guarantee you have the agreement you want.

Children thrive better when both parents provide emotional and financial support. It can be detrimental to a child’s quality of life if they do not receive constant support. If you seek child custody enforcement, we may also assist you. This legal action deals with the issue of a disobliging parent or when the other parent fails to contribute finances to support the child at the right time and amount.

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Hitchcock Child Custody Attorney Davis LogoDavis and Associates can take care of your Hitchcock child custody issue. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the legal rights of children. We can help in supporting the development of children’s healthy lifestyles and relationships with their parents.

Our staff of highly experienced and professional attorneys is here to help you with your legal concerns—from child custody applications, changes, and enforcement to associated legal services, including divorce and paternity establishment. We care for you and your child’s welfare.

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