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The law ensures that every child has the right to live a comfortable life. Simply having love in a functional household isn’t enough. Food, shelter, education, supervision, and clothing are just a few of the essentials children need. The parents are mostly responsible for meeting these requirements.

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In Texas, child support statutes provide that the court “may compel either or both parents to support a child” until the kid reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school (whichever comes first), the child marries, the child’s disabilities are removed, or the child dies.

The court considers various variables to determine which parent must provide financial support and how much, including parents’ income, current custody, visitation schedules, and all other expenses relevant to nurturing the children, such as medical and educational resources.

We dedicate ourselves to family law and help you with any legal issues connected to Galveston child support. From requesting child support to contesting one, our lawyers can help you reach a favorable resolution.

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Child Support Calculation

Physical custody, which is the amount of time a parent spends with their child, determines who pays child support in Texas. Although a court might require either or both parents to support a child, child support is usually paid by the “noncustodial parent,” or the parent who spends the least time with the child (or children). The “obligor” is the parent who is responsible for paying child support. The payment is calculated as a percentage of the income of the noncustodial parent.

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The Texas Child Support Guidelines are used to determine how much support a parent will provide. Once you know the noncustodial parent’s net monthly income, calculating child support using the guidelines is a simple process.

To calculate net monthly income, start with all available money and then subtract particular expenses. Further explanation about this matter can be given by our knowledgeable Texas child support lawyers.

Generally, the guideline includes:

1. Noncustodial parents must give 20% of their net income for the first kid and an additional 5% for each subsequent child.
2. Noncustodial parents who have five or more children receiving child support must contribute at least 40% of their net income.
3. Even if a parent is unemployed, they must still pay child support.
4. Child support orders for noncustodial parents with children in different houses may be adjusted accordingly.

Time-sharing is an important part of parenting since it allows parents to strengthen their bonds with their children. However, being able to care for the child’s fundamental and comprehensive needs, which financial support may offer, is a more significant aspect. We understand how important this is for the children’s growth, so we devote our time to ensuring that both parents have a fair share of tasks and resources to ensure their children’s development is optimal.

Child Support Enforcement

All of the problems about to be presented can be avoided if noncustodial parents pay their child support on time and in full.

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But whenever a noncustodial parent has fallen behind on child support payments, the custodial parent may return to court and file an enforcement action, in which the parent petitions the court to order the deadbeat parent to follow the support order and make the appropriate payments. If you are the custodial parent, you have the option of filing the action yourself and representing the case in court or hiring our professional attorney to do so on your behalf.

In certain cases, the judge has numerous options. Judges frequently fine or imprison delinquent parents for “contempt of court,” which means they ignored a court order – in this example, a child support decree. As a condition of being released from jail, a judge may order a delinquent parent to pay a portion of the outstanding child support. This can also include court action, license suspension, credit bureau reporting, passport denial, liens, and more.

Our reliable Galveston child support attorney can help you enforce the right deadlines and amounts of child support from the other parent. These finances are critical for a child’s stable home and development; therefore, we invest our time and resources to ensuring that you receive the services you need and give what your child deserves.

Child Support Modification

If either parent’s financial condition changes over time, child support orders will most likely need to be renegotiated. A simple verbal agreement between parents is insufficient to produce a new child support order that reflects each parent’s ability to pay, which comes down to the fact that all modifications to child support orders must be approved by the court.

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A parent must show that there has been a significant change in circumstances in order to alter child support. If a parent has lost employment, migrated internationally, or the custody agreement has altered, the court may consider a modification. Also, if the standing order has been in existence for at least three years and the current support amount differs by 20% or $100 from the most recent Guidelines, the obligor may visit the Office of Attorney General Child Support Division (OAG) to explore changing it. You are welcome to ask for information from our lawyers prior to visiting the said office.

The legislation in Texas regarding domestic litigation is complicated, and navigating the court system can be tough. We at Davis and Associates make certain that our clients’ Galveston child support cases receive top priority and high-quality service. We are here to give the highest level of legal services, from changes to enforcement.

We make certain that any relevant data about attempts to modify child support arrangements, such as income, demotions or promotions, or raises, is carefully examined and scrutinized to ensure that all individuals involved are treated fairly.

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